No Bullshit Personal Finance

Will be conducting a no bullshit personal finance workshop for Clever Manila next month. There will be no sponsors – banks, insurance companies, other financial institutions – for this class so you are asured that it is legit and will not be serving bullshit to sell something.

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What makes it different? Aside from the basics, I’ll try to target the issues that are closest to a millennial’s heart: how much should you pay for in a date? How much should you spend on vacations? How can you better negotiate your salary with your employers? How can you be a tita of Manila by the time you’re 35?

Will also delve into the innovations happening in the finance world – from cryptocurrencies to the impact of deep learning and AI to our finances and daily lives.

“Being clever was when you looked at how things were and used the evidence to work out something new.” 
― Mark Haddon, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

Life gets tricky. Sometimes googling answers and how-to’s aren’t quite enough to help you get your sh*t together. We get that and we’re here to help.

Clever Manila offers classes and workshops with a generous no-BS approach to learning practical skills facilitated by folks who practice what they preach. A mouthful, but sounds cool, right?

It’s no surprise: there are ways to make things more efficient, less confusing, and yep, more worth your while as you deal with this thing called life. How about you let us save you some trouble as you go on hustling and doing your thing?

C’mon, let’s go tap into your burning, clever core.

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