Road to Being a Unicorn

I would always say that I’m year of the unicorn when asked about my Chinese zodiac. I’m a horse, but I just don’t want to be similar with those of my age. I guess that answer has brought out a consciousness in me of an animal that symbolizes a billion dollar valuation in the startup industry. It’s every startup’s dram to hit that unicorn status, and I was really happy to be part of a group that share the same aspirations for the last few days.


The conversations with them were filed with passions and aspirations. You can see the spark in their eyes and excitement in their voices whenever they talk about the problem close to their heart and how they’re addressing it. It reminded me of a time when we had untempered idealism and we think we could really change the world. Back at that time, we didn’t know how, but we just know we will in one way or another.

I think joining a fintech company might actually make that possible. To be a unicorn, they say you need traction and a sexy market. We’ll be expanding to VIP – Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines – home of half a billion people, to address a need where 70% – 80% of the population so that might just do the trick.


Everyone was very supportive of each other. As we were saying our goodbyes, we wished each other the best of luck and hope to meet in another event like this in another part of the world. I hope we would meet again and by that time, we would be unicorns in the startup scene.


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