Neil is a serial entrepreneur, innovator and personal finance advocate. He used to be a banker, but volunteering for two months as he travelled in Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand changed his life.

He is currently the product manager of JuanCredit, the Philippines’ first credit scoring for the unbanked that uses a deep learning artificial intelligence engine. Data from topups, bills payments, social media and loyalty programs are analyzed to generate a score which the unbanked – 80% of the country’s population – can use to access credit from formal financial institutions.

Neil also serves a director of SEDPI, a consulting and financing company in the fields of microfinance, social entrepreneurship and financial literacy. Through this organization, he was exposed to development work in the rural areas, and was able to give trainings to OFWs abroad, even mentoring a savings cooperative in Tokyo.

As part of the pioneer batch of the Master of Science in Innovation and Business from the Asian Institute of Management, Neil started several innovation projects. Neil co-founded EngageMED, a customer relationship management platform for the healthcare industry, with a fellow classmate and two partners from Singapore. He is also a partner in Why Not: Innovation and Strategy firm which prepares startups and SMEs in the age of digitalization.

In his free time, Neil manages seven online school-themed clothing stores. He also founded two online magazines – and Dare.PH – both of which featured stories of people that dared the readers to follow their passions and serve as inspiration.

Born and raised in Manila, Neil graduated from the Ateneo de Manila University with a degree in Management Economics. During his final year in college, he was the VP for Communications of the Harvard Project for Asian International Relations, and entered entrepreneurial scene with a soya-based frappe business.

Neil recently won as Champion in the International Youth Innovation Conference held in Singapore. He believes that the projects he is working on can, in Steve Jobs’ words, “make a dent in the universe.”